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Main part «reference»

General information

Main part «reference» provides the necessary information on the hard sphere reference fluid the diameter of which is chosen by main part potential.

For a detailed discussion of this main part, see [17, 19].


The following versions are provided:

Version 20000824-ar.HS-GH (file iso.arfg/.reference.arfg/20000824-ar.HS-GH)
Grundke-Henderson [31] correlation functions; cf. [17, 19].
Version 20010221-ar.HS-PY (file iso.arfg/.reference.arfg/20010221-ar.HS-PY)
Percus-Yevick [32] correlation functions; cf. [17, 19]

As the Grundke-Henderson approximation is a systematic improvement over the Verlet-Weis [33] description of hard spheres, the latter has not been implemented. For some remarks on the significance of different hard sphere correlation functions see appendix B of [19].

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