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Main part «potential»

General information

Main part «potential» provides the necessary information on the pair interaction characteristic of the physical system at hand.

For a detailed discussion of this main part, see [17, 19].


The following versions are provided:

Version 20000817-ar.square-well (file iso.arfg/.potential.arfg/20000817-ar.square-well)
Square well potential of arbitrary range λ; cf. [18, 19].
Version 20010426-ar.steps (file iso.arfg/.potential.arfg/20010426-ar.steps)
General step potential obtained as a sum of square well potentials; cf. [17, 19].
Version 20010312-ar.hard-core-yukawa (file iso.arfg/.potential.arfg/20010312-ar.hard-core-yukawa)
Hard-core Yukawa potential of arbitrary inverse screening length z; cf. [17, 19].
Version 20020228-ar.hard-core-girifalco (file iso.arfg/.potential.arfg/20020228-ar.hard-core-girifalco)
Girifalco fullerene potential with a hard core diameter at the first zero fo the potential; note that this potential is very narrow and incurs substantial problems.
Version 20020317-ar.hard-core-multi-yukawa (file iso.arfg/.potential.arfg/20020317-ar.hard-core-multi-yukawa)
Hard-core multi-Yukawa potential obtained as a sum of hard-core Yukawa potentials.

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