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Main part «files»

General information

Together with main parts «basics» and «nodes», main part «files» provides the program's infrastructure. It defines the following Fortran 90 modules:

Module RawIO:
This provides the low-level encoding of data to be stored by overloading function calls from several implementations, as detailed elsewhere; there is special support for the basic datatypes #real, #complex, #string, and logical as well as for some amount of integrity checks.
Module StructuredIO:
This uses the facilities of module Raw_IO to write and read structured collections of data; see the arfg source for documentation. As the file formats defined by Raw_IO are ar-HRT-1-specific, these files should only be read with the tools provided or compatible applications.

Some I/O test code is also included; make sure that your compiler does not mess up backslashes.


Reflecting its position within the program's architecture, there is only one version provided: file share.arfg/files.arfg.

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