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Main part «basics»

General information

Together with main parts «files» and «nodes», main part «basics» provides the program's infrastructure. It defines the following Fortran 90 modules:

Module Basics:
Among its responsibilities are the KIND parameters for the pseudo data types #real and #complex, declaration and initialization of numerical constants and shared variables (among others, NumericalPrecision (denoted ε# in [17, 18, 19])), UNIT numbers for files, handling of the pseudo data type #string, logging, and error handling.
Module Math:
Implements some mathematical functions and constants, overloading of comparison operators for LOGICALs, and basic handling of IEEE 754 conformant numerical exceptions [34].
Module NumberStrings:
Formatted output for types REAL, COMPLEX, INTEGER and LOGICAL.
Module OptionsHandler:
Read, parse and process options files.
Module Infrastructure:
Initialization of logging flags read as run-time options.

Several test programs are also included; of these, `Compiler settings test' merits special attention as it will uncover some of the deficiencies of a Fortran 90 compiler.


Reflecting its position within the program's architecture, there is only one version provided: file share.arfg/basics.arfg.

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