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Current version: wavetools-1.0

WaveTools is a library consisting of 8 programs for manipulating mono WAV Files which I have written for an audiology project at the Technical University of Vienna some years ago as a toolbox for generating and preprocessing small test samples, so this is probably not for making music with (unless you're doing some real hardcore Techno ;-) ), but if you want to write your own effect filters or sound analysis tools and don't want to mess around with format conversions or standard input filters, or if you just want to arrange some WAVs for your voice modem, you might find this useful.


The current version of WaveTool is 1.0: The current version is not 64-bit ready. If you experience problems, edit the compiler entry in the Makefile to CC = gcc -m32.

Changes in 1.0:

Older Releases: