Preprints / Internal Reports 99
Particle Physics Group

TUW-99-01 K. Landsteiner,String corrections to the Hawking-Page phase trasition, hep-th/9901143

TUW-99-02 D. Grumiller, W. Kummer, Absolute conservation law for black holes, gr-qc/9902074

TUW-99-03 O.M. Del Cima, D.H:T. Franco and O. Piguet, Gauge independence of the effective potential revisited, hep-th/9902084

TUW-99-04 O.M. Del Cima, Probing the Nielsen identities, hep-th/9903004

TUW-99-05 L.P. Colatto, O.M. Del Cima, D.H.T. Franco, O. Piguet and M. Schweda, Superspace renormalization in D=3: dealing with IR anomalies, hep-th/99

TUW-99-06 I. Bandos, J. Lukierski and D. Sorokin, Quantization of new superparticle models with tensorial central charges, hep-th/9904109

TUW-99-07 R. Leitgeb, J. Rant, M. Schweda and H. Zerrouki, Generalized 2D BF Model quantized in the axial gauge, hep-th/9904185

TUW-99-08 O.M. Del Cima, D.H.T. Franco, O. Piguet and M. Schweda, No parity anomaly in massless QED, hep-th/99

TUW-99-09 I. Bandos and W. Kummer, Current density distributions and a supersymmetric action for interacting brane systems, hep-th/9905144

TUW-99-10 I.T. Drummond, R.R. Horgan, P.V. Landshoff and A. Rebhan, QCD pressure and the trace anomaly, hep-th/9905207

TUW-99-11 I. Bandos and W. Kummer, Superstring 'ending' on super-D9-brane: a supersymmetric action functional for the coupled brane system, hep-th/9905207

TUW-99-12 O.M. Del Cima, J.M. Grimstrup and M. Schweda, On the finiteness of a new topological model in D=3, hep-th/9906146

TUW-99-13 J.-P. Blaizot, E. Iancu and A. Rebhan,The entropy of the QCD plasma, hep-ph/9906340

TUW-99-14 W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich, Hawking radiation from dilaton gravity in 1+1 dimensions: a pedagogical review, gr-qc/9907041

TUW-99-15 I. Bandos, J. Lukierski, C. Preitschopf and D. Sorokin, OSp supergroup manifolds, superparticles and supertwistors, hep-th/9907113

TUW-99-16 H. Ita, K. Landsteiner, T. Pisar, J. Rant and M. Schweda, Remarks on topological SUSY in sixdimensional TQFTs. hep-th/9909166

TUW-99-17 K. Landsteiner and E. Lopez, Probing the strong coupling limit of large N SYM on curved backgrounds, hep-ph/9908010

TUW-99-18 W. Kummer, "Wissenschaftskriege": wo, wer, gegen wen? Wissenschaftskriege

TUW-99-19 J.L. Boldo, L.P. Colatto, M.A. De Andrade, O.M. Del Cima and J.A. Helayel-Neto, Superpropagators for explicitly broken 3D-supersymmetric theories, hep-th/9908190

TUW-99-20 H. Balasin, Generalized Kerr Schild metrics and the gravitational field of a massless particle on the horizon, gr-qc/9912122

TUW-99-21 J.-P. Blaizot, E. Iancu and A. Rebhan, Self-consistent hard-thermal-loop thermodynamics for the quark-gluon plasma, hep-th/9910309

TUW-99-22 W. Kummer, 2d quantum gravity and black hole formation, hep-th/99

TUW-99-23 M. Kreuzer and J.-G. Zhou, Killing gauge for the 0-brane on AdS2 x S2 coset superspace, hep-th/9910067

TUW-99-24 J. Rant, M. Schweda and H. Zerrouki, A comment on the 4D antisymmetric tensor field model, hep-th/9911127

TUW-99-25 J. Martin and D.J. Schwarz, The precision of slow-roll predictions for the CMBR anisotropies, astro-ph/9911225

TUW-99-26 D.J. Schwarz and St. Hofmann, Small-scale structure of cold dark matter, astro-ph/9912343

TUW-99-27 M. Kreuzer and J-G.Zhou, Lambda-symmetrty and background independence of noncommutative gauge theory on Rn, hep-th/9912174

TUW-99-28 P.C. Aichelburg and H. Balasin, Generalized asymptotic structure of the ultrarelativistic Schwarzschild black hole, hep-th/9909082