Preprints / Internal Reports 97
Particle Physics Group

TUW-97-01 T. Klösch, Solutions of arbitrary topology in 1+1 gravity (proceedings contribution), gr-qc/9701012

TUW-97-02 W. Kummer and P. van Nieuwenhuizen, Nonlinearity of counterterms and unitarity in An=0 gauges,

TUW-97-03 H. Balasin, Distributional energy momentum tensor of the extended Kerr geometry, gr-qc/9702060

TUW-97-04 H. Balasin and W. Israel, Do vortex filaments in a superfluid neutron star produce gravimagnetic forces? gr-qc/9706023

TUW-97-05 A.C. Avram, M. Kreuzer, M. Mandelberg and H. Skarke, The web of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties, hep-th/9703003

TUW-97-06 H. Nachbagauer, The quantum Liouville equation for the effective action, hep-th/9703018

TUW-97-07 W. Kummer, H. Liebl and D. Vassilevich, Hawking radiation for non-minimally coupled matter from generalized 2d black hole models, hep-th/9707041

TUW-97-08 W. Kummer, H. Liebl and D. Vassilevich, Non perturbative path integral of 2d dilaton gravity and two-loop effects from scalar matter, hep-th/9707115

TUW-97-09 W. Kummer, The four forces of Nature,

TUW-97-10 M.O. Katanaev, W. Kummer, H. Liebl and D. Vassilevich, Generalized 2d dilaton models, the true black hole and quantum integrability, gr-qc/9709010

TUW-97-11 I.A. Bandos and W. Kummer, A polynomial first order action for the Dirichlet 3-brane, hep-th/9707110

TUW-97-12 A. Rebhan and P. van Nieuwenhuizen, No saturation of the quantum Bogomolnyi bound by two-dimensional supersymmetric solitons, hep-th/9707163

TUW-97-13 T. Klösch and T. Strobl, A global view of kinks in 1+1 gravity, gr-qc/9707053

TUW-97-14 A. Rebhan, Improved hard-thermal-loop effective actions, hep-ph/9707538

TUW-97-15 I. Drummond, R. Horgan, P. Landshoff and A. Rebhan, Foam diagram summation at finite temperature, hep-ph/9708426

TUW-97-16 H. Zerrouki, Ultraviolet and infrared finiteness in two dimensional curved space time,

TUW-97-17 U. Kraemmer and A. Rebhan, Reply to "Proof of the gauge independence of the conformal anomaly of bosonic string in the sense of Kraemmer and Rebhan", hep-th/9711075

TUW-97-18 T. Klösch and T. Strobl, Complete classification of 1+1 gravity solutions, gr-qc/9711073
TUW-97-19 K. Landsteiner, E. Lopez, and D.A. Lowe, Duality of Chiral N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories via branes, hep-th/9801002