Preprints / Internal Reports 96
Particle Physics Group

TUW-96-1 S. Alexandrov and D.V. Vassilevich, Heat Kernel for non-minimal operators on a Kähler manifold, hep-th/9601090

TUW-96-2 W. Kummer, W. Mödritsch and A. Vairo, QCD box graphs and the quark-antiquark potential, hep-ph/9602276

TUW-96-3 O. Moritsch, M. Schweda and T. Sommer, The Yang-Mills gauge field theory in the context of a generalized BRST-formalism including translations, hep-th/9602152

TUW-96-4 H. Skarke, Weight systems for toric Calabi-Yau varieties and reflexivity of Newton polyhedra, alg-geom/9603007

TUW-96-5 W. Mödritsch, On the spectrum of Scalar-Scalar bound states,

TUW-96-6 T. Klösch and T. Strobl, Solutions of arbitrary topology and kinks in 1+1 gravity (Class. Quant. Grav. in 1+1 Dim. Part III), hep-th/9607226

TUW-96-7 P.C. Aichelburg and H. Balasin, Generalized symmetries of impulsive gravitational waves, gr-qc/9607045

TUW-96-8 H. Liebl, D.V. Vassilevich and S. Alexandrov, Hawking radiation and masses of generalized dilaton theories, gr-qc/9605044

TUW-96-9 S.R. Lau, Differential forms and wave equations for general relativity, gr-qc/9612020

TUW-96-10 S.R. Lau, Energy-momentum of isolated systems at retarded times as the null limit of quasilocal energy-momentum, gr-qc/9609057

TUW-96-11 H. Gao, Comments on d-brane and SO(2N) enhanced gauge symmetry in type II string, hep-th/9607054

TUW-96-12 P.C. Aichelburg and H. Balasin, Geodesics for impulsive gravitational waves and the multiplication of distributions, gr-qc/9607076

TUW-96-13 W. Kummer, General treatment of all 2d covariant models, (Lecture at Workshop "Methods in Mathematical Physics", Rakiv, Ukraine, Sept. 1995), gr-qc/9612016

TUW-96-14 T. Klösch, P. Schaller and T. Strobl, Classical and quantum aspects of 1+1 Gravity, (Talk given by P. Schaller at Journees Relativistes, Ascona, May 96), gr-qc/9608006

TUW-96-15 A. Rebhan, Hard thermal loops near the light cone, hep-ph/9608410

TUW-96-16 I.A. Bandos, String-like description of gravity and possible applications for F-theory, hep-th/9608093

TUW-96-17 A. Boresch, S. Emery, O. Moritsch, M. Schweda, T. Sommer and H. Zerrouki, Applications of noncovariant gauges in the algebraic renormalization procedure,

TUW-96-18 U. Feichtinger, O. Moritsch, J. Rant, M. Schweda and H. Zerrouki, The finiteness of the four dimensional antisymmetric tensorfield model in a curved background, hep-th/9611070

TUW-96-19 M. Krüger, J. Rant, M. Schweda, T. Sommer and S. Emery, Two-dimensional BF model quantized in the axial gauge, hep-th/9609240

TUW-96-20 H. Balasin, Colombeau's generalized functions on arbitrary manifolds, gr-qc/9610017

TUW-96-21 A. Avran, M. Kreuzer, M. Mandelburg and H. Skarke, Searching for K3 fibrations, hep-th/9610154

TUW-96-22 M. Kreuzer and M. Nikbakht-Tehrani, (0,2) string compactification, hep-th/9611130

TUW-96-23 M. Kreuzer and H. Skarke, Calabi-Yau 4-folds and toric fibrations, hep-th/9701175

TUW-96-24 I.T. Drummond, R.R. Horgan, P.V. Landshoff and A. Rebhan, Eliminating infrared divergences in the pressure, hep-th/9610189

TUW-96-25 P. John, O. Moritsch, M. Schweda and S.P. Sorella, Algebraic characterization of gauge anomalies on a nontrivial bundle, hep-th/9611168

TUW-96-26 M. Ertl, M.O. Katanaev and W. Kummer, Generalized supergravity in two dimensions,

TUW-96-27 W. Kummer and S.R. Lau, Boundary conditions and quasilocal energy in the canonical formulation of all 1+1 models of gravity, gr-qc/9612021

TUW-96-28 W. Kummer, H. Liebl and D.V. Vassilevich, Exact path integral quantization of generic 2d dilaton gravity, gr-qc/9612012

TUW-96-29 H. Nachbagauer, Wigner functionals and their dynamics in quantum-field theory, hep-th/9703105

TUW-96-30 M. Nikbakht-Tehrani, On the Calabi-Yau phase of (0,2) models, hep-th/9612067

TUW-96-31 I.A. Bandos and W. Kummer, P-branes, Poisson-sigma-models and embedding approach to (p+1)-dimensional gravity, hep-th/9703099