Preprints / Internal Reports 2003
Particle Physics Group

TUW-03-01 D. Grumiller, Virtual black holes in generic 2D dilaton theories,

TUW-03-02 A. Rebhan, HTL-resummed thermodynamics of hot and dense QCD: An update, hep-ph/0301130

TUW-03-03 L. Bergamin and P. Minkowski, SUSY glue-balls, dynamical symmetry breaking and non-holomorphic potentials, hep-ph/0301155

TUW-03-04 J.-P. Blaizot, E. Iancu and A. Rebhan, Thermodynamics of the high-temperature quark-gluon plasma, hep-ph/0303185

TUW-03-05 F. Aigner, M. Hillbrand, J. Knapp, G. Milovanovic, V. Putz, R. Schöfbeck and M. Schweda, Technical remarks and comments on the UV/IR-mixing problem of a noncommutative scalar quantum field theory, hep-th/0302038

TUW-03-06 J.O. Andersen, E. Petitgirard and M. Strickland, Two-loop hard thermal loop perturbation theory with quarks, hep-ph/0302069

TUW-03-07 U. Theis and S. Vandoren, N=2 supersymmetric scalar-tensor couplings, hep-th/0303048

TUW-03-08 J.-P. Blaizot, E. Iancu and A. Rebhan, On the apparent convergence of perturbative QCD at high temperature, hep-ph/0303045

TUW-03-09 P. Romatschke and M. Strickland, Collective modes of an anisotropic quark-gluon plasma, hep-ph/0304092

TUW-03-10 P.C. Aichelburg, H. Balasin and M. Kerber, Head-on collision of ultrarelativistic charges, gr-qc/0307017

TUW-03-11 A. Rebhan and P. Romatschke, HTL quasi-particle models of deconfined QCD at finite chemical potential, hep-ph/0304294

TUW-03-12 D. Grumiller, W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich, Positive specific heat of the quantum corrected dilaton black hole, hep-th/0305036

TUW-03-13 A. Ipp and A. Rebhan, Thermodynamics of large-Nf QCD at finite chemical potential, hep-ph/0305030

TUW-03-14 D. Grumiller, Three functions in dilaton gravity: The good, the bad and the muggy, hep-th/0305073

TUW-03-15 A. Gerhold and A. Rebhan, Gauge dependence identities for color superconducting QCD, hep-ph/0305108

TUW-03-16 D. Grumiller, Long time black hole evaporation with bounded Hawking flux by dynamical deformations, gr-qc/0307005

TUW-03-17 A. Rebhan, P. van Nieuwenhuizen and R. Wimmer, Nonvanishing quantum corrections to mass and central charge of the N=2 vortex and BPS saturation, hep-th/0307282

TUW-03-18 D. Grumiller and W. Kummer, The classical solutions of the dimensionally reduced gravitational Chern-Simons theory, hep-th/0306036

TUW-03-19 S. Denk and M. Schweda, Time ordered perturbation theory for non-local interactions; applications to NCQFT, hep-th/0306101

TUW-03-20 L. Bergamin, D. Grumiller and W. Kummer, Quantization of 2d dilaton supergravity with matter hep-th/0404004

TUW-03-21 L. Bergamin and W. Kummer, The complete solution of 2d superfield supergravity from graded Poisson-Sigma models and the super pointparticle, hep-th/0306217

TUW-03-22 D. Grumiller, W. Kummer and D. Mayerhofer, On static solutions in 2d dilaton gravity with scalar matter, gr-qc/0404013

TUW-03-23 A. Ipp, A. Gerhold and A. Rebhan, Anomalous specific heat in high-density QED and QCD, hep-ph/0309019

TUW-03-24 L. Bergamin, D. Grumiller and W. Kummer, Supersymmetric black holes are extremal and bald in 2D dilaton supergravity, hep-th/0310006

TUW-03-25 P. Romatschke and M. Strickland, Energy loss of a heavy fermion in an anisotropic QED plasma, hep-th/0309093

TUW-03-26 H. Balasin and D. Grumiller, The ultrarelativistic limit of 2D dilaton gravity and its energy momentum tensor, gr-qc/0312086

TUW-03-27 M. Davidse, M. de Vroome, U. Theis and S. Vandoren, Instanton solutions for the universal hypermultiplet, hep-th/0309220

TUW-03-28 D. Grumiller and W. Kummer, How to approach quantum gravity - background independence in 1+1 dimensions gr-qc/0310068

TUW-03-29 K. Fujikawa, A. Rebhan, P. van Nieuwenhuizen, On the nature of the anomalies in the supersymmetric kink hep-th/0309256

TUW-03-30 L. Bergamin, Dynamics of glue-balls in N=1 SYM theory hep-th/0310050

TUW-03-31 C.G. Boehmer, The Einstein static universe with torsion and the sign problem of the cosmological constant, gr-qc/0310058

TUW-03-32 U. Kraemmer and A. Rebhan, Advances in perturbative thermal field theory, hep-ph/0310337

TUW-03-33 M. Herbst, A. Kling and M. Kreuzer, Cyclicity of non-associative products on D-branes, hep-th/0312043

TUW-03-34 D. Grumiller, Deformations of the Schwarzschild Black Hole gr-qc/0311011

TUW-03-35 A. Ipp, A. Rebhan and A. Vuorinen, Perturbative QCD at non-zero chemical potential: Comparison with the large-Nf limit and apparent convergence, hep-ph/0311200

TUW-03-36 L. Bergamin and P. Minkowski, No supersymmetry without supergravity: Induced supersymmetry representations on composite effective superfields hep-th/0312034

TUW-03-37 C.G. Boehmer, Eleven spherically symmetric constant density solutions with cosmological constant, gr-qc/0312027

TUW-03-38 A.S. Goldhaber, A. Rebhan, P.v. Nieuwenhuizen and R. Wimmer, Quantum corrections to mass and central charge of supersymmetric solitons, hep-th/0401152

TUW-03-39 D. Ghoshal, D.P. Jatkar and M. Kreuzer, NS fivebrane and Tachyon condensation, hep-th/0312245

TUW-03-40 A. Klemm, M. Kreuzer, E. Riegler and E. Scheidegger, Complete intersection Calabi-Yau spaces in toric varieties and string duality hep-th/03