Preprints / Internal Reports 2000
Particle Physics Group

TUW-00-01 M. Kreuzer and H. Skarke, Reflexive polyhedra, weights and toric Calabi-Yau fibrations, math.AG/0001106

TUW-00-02 D. Grumiller, W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich, The virtual black hole in 2d quantum gravity, gr-qc/0001038

TUW-00-03 I. Bandos and W. Kummer, On action functionals for interacting brane systems, hep-th/001149

TUW-00-04 W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich, Open strings, Born-Infeld action and the heat kernel, hep-th/0001125

TUW-00-05 F. Gieres, Conformal covariance in 2d conformal and integrable models, in W-algebras and in their supersymmetric extensions,

TUW-00-06 F. Gieres, Mathematical surprises and Dirac's formalism in quantum mechanics, hep-th/00

TUW-00-07 M. Kreuzer and H. Skarke, Complete classification of reflexive polyhedra in four dimensions, hep-th/0002240

TUW-00-08 T. Pisar, J. Rant, H. Zerrouki, A generalized p-form model in D=3, hep-th/00

TUW-00-09 F. Gieres, J. Grimstrup, T. Pisar and M. Schweda, Vector supersymmetry in topological field theories, hep-th/0002167

TUW-00-10 F. Gieres, H. Nieder, T. Pisar, L. Popp and M. Schweda, Interacting six-dimensional topological field theories, hep-th/0003222

TUW-00-11 A.A. Bichl, J.M. Grimstrup, V. Putz, M. Schweda, Perturbative Chern-Simons theory on noncommutative R3, hep-th/0004071

TUW-00-12 T. Pisar, Symmetry content of a generalized p-form model in d dimensions, hep-th/0004137

TUW-00-13 J.-P. Blaizot, E. Iancu and A. Rebhan, Approximately self-consistent resummations for the thermodynamics of the quark-gluon plasma. I. Entropy and density, hep-ph/0005003

TUW-00-14 J. Ignatius and D.J. Schwarz, The QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous Universe, hep-ph/0004259

TUW-00-15 A. Kling, M. Kreuzer and J.-G. Zhou, SU(2)WZW D-branes and quantized worldvolume U(1) flux on S2, hep-th/0005148

TUW-00-16 D. Grumiller, D. Hofmann and W. Kummer, Two-dilaton theories in two dimensions, gr-qc/0005098

TUW-00-17 J. Martin and D.J. Schwarz, New exact solutions for inflationary cosmological perturbations, astro-ph/0005542

TUW-00-18 W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich, Renormalizability of the open string sigma model and emergence of D-branes, hep-th/0006108

TUW-00-19 F. Brandt, A. Kling and M. Kreuzer, Actions and symmetries of NSR superstrings and D-strings, hep-th/0006152

TUW-00-20 M. Kreuzer, E. Riegler and D.A. Sahakyan, Toric complete intersections and weighted projective space, math.AG/0103214

TUW-00-21 J. Martin, A. Riazuelo and D.J. Schwarz, Slow-roll inflation and CMB anisotropy data, astro-ph/0006392

TUW-00-22 A.A. Bichl, J.M. Grimstrup, H. Grosse, L. Popp, M. Schweda and R. Wulkenhaar, The superfield formalism applied to the noncommutative Wess-Zumino model, hep-th/0007050

TUW-00-23 W. Kummer, Classical and quantum gravity in two dimensions - "Vienna style" hep-th/00

TUW-00-24 W. Zimdahl, D.J. Schwarz, A.B. Balakin and D. Pavón, Cosmic anti-friction and accelerated expansion, astro-ph/0009353

TUW-00-25 W. Kummer, 2D quantum gravity with torsion, dilaton theory and black hole formation, gr-qc/0010023

TUW-00-26 W. Kummer, Hawking radiation and Hawking flux from spherical reduction, gr-qc/0009051

TUW-00-27 A. Rebhan, Improved resummations for the thermodynamics of the quark-gluon plasma, hep-ph/0010252

TUW-00-28 D.J. Schwarz, J. Martin and A. Riazuelo, Precision of inflationary predictions and recent CMB anisotropy data, astro-ph/0010453

TUW-00-29 J. Ignatius and D.J. Schwarz, The effect of primordial temperature fluctuations on the QCD transition, hep-ph/0010269

TUW-00-30 H. Balasin and D. Kahlina, Quantum light from beyond the event horizon, hep-th/00

TUW-00-31 J. Ignatius and D.J. Schwarz, QCD phase transition and primordial density perturbations, astro-ph/0011036

TUW-00-32 D. Grumiller, D. Hofmann and W. Kummer, 2D gravity without test particles is pointless (Comment on hep-th/0011136), gr-qc/0012026

TUW-00-33 A. Gerhold, J. Grimstrup, H. Grosse, L. Popp, M. Schweda and R. Wulkenhaar, The energy-momentum tensor on noncommutative spaces - some pedagogical comments, hep-th/0012112

TUW-00-34 T. Kubota and J.-G. Zhou, RR charges of D2-branes in group manifold and Hanany-Witten effect, hep-th/0010170

TUW-00-35 M. Ertl, W. Kummer and T. Strobl, General two-dimensional supergravity from poisson superalgebras, hep-th/0012219