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Well, I'm 24 years old and a Ph.D. student at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. I've collected on this page some information about me and my work during the day. So expect some usefull information and links but also other hints ... (maybe these things are more interesting for you ... ;-). Enjoy it!

Scientific Work & Teaching

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Scientific Work & Teaching

I've finished my diploma thesis (written in german) with the title ''Dynamic Properties of Liquid Metals'' in November 1993. Since December 1993 I'm working on my Ph.D. about ''Mode-coupling effects in Dynamic Properties in Liquid Metals'' which is supported by a grant of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Projekt-Nr. 8912). As you'll guess I'm a member of the Department of Condensed Matter Theory of our Institute.

Well, I'm also member of the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG) and its subgroup ''Physics at Neutron- and Synchrotronsources'' (NESY).

In the winter course 1994 I also hold a tutorial in Quantumtheory. You can read here a short summary of the history of the tutorials (in german) at our Institute (written by Harald Lakatha). In the summer course 1995 I'll give together with Robert Lorenz the exercise ''Symbolische Mathematik in der Theoretischen Physik UE (132.478)'' (the appropriate lecture will be held by Christoph F. Strnadl). The exercise and lecture are an advanced introduction to MATHEMATIKA. As soon as the times are fixed I'll announce them. Here you can see the exercises from the last year.

At our server we've also an extensive list of worldwide Physics servers and services! That's the european mirror site from the list at the McGill University maintained by Mikko Karttunen. If your server is missing from our list, please mail it to us! THANKS!

I've also the WebElements home page on our server.

Because we're doing our computational physics calculations mainly on IBM RS/6000s workstations I'm also working at a list of IBM, RS/6000 and AIX servers and services. I'm sorry for my annoyance a second time, but if you know such servers and services which are missing in my list, please mail it to me.

I'm still working on a special page about my Research field. I really guess that this page will only be interested for you if you are physicist, otherwise it will be wasted time ... ;-). A list of publication and other things are also under construction!

My favourite Hotlist & Fancy Page

Here you can get my current HOTLIST. The page will be created on fly with this hotlist2html.pl perl script. I guess the list will be rather long, ;-), and some links won't be up-to-date.

Here is my fancy page. It's more or less only for my personal information with things and different stuff I haven't ordered till now. But it's a good example as a page shouldn't look like ;-)!


If you are interested with USENET newsgroups I'm reading (more or less) daily than click here.

Well, as you'll guess, I'm the maintainer of our Web-Server and I'm also belong to the supporting staff of our email-server and all the workstations. A list of our TPHnet will be ready soon ;-).

Besides all these computer work, and doing physics, of course ;-), you've a good chance to find me playing XPilot during the rest of the day staying at the university. XPilot is really the coolest and best game (even much more as just a game!) on the net; believe me just for once, jip ;-)! In the XPilot community I'm well known as ''The Fly'' with the motd ''Have fear, fly flies again ...''.
FYI: At tph.tuwien.ac.at a server is running 24h a day with the original Blood's Music Map. Try the game, have fun and enjoy it ...

After a hard day of work I also enjoy to have a good fine Austrian Beer in the evening.

Email address


You can click here at my private email form. I would be glad if you say ''Hello'' and write some sentences. If not, well, I've also included some nice radio buttons for your opinion about our Web-Server and my homepage. Just adjust these buttons and send the form ;-). Thanks!

My Snailmail address

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10/136
A-1040 Wien

Fax: +43-1-586 77 60
Phone: +43-1-58801 5688
(but don't call me, try talk gnowotny@tph20.tuwien.ac.at)

And finally all the rest ...

Here you can see all me .signatures which I had used respectively I'm using now ... (as you will see I keep at the 4-6 lines netiquette ... so expect no funny drawings and/or aphorisms!).

If you are interested in other Personal Homepages, than click here! You'll get a list of all homepages from my fellows at the institute and some homepages from guys (and girls ;-) all over the world where it's worth to have a look at it (IMHO :-) ... If you think I should also include your homepage in this list just mail it to me!

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